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PVD vs CVD cover photo
PVD vs CVD: 8 Important Things to Consider

The many applications of vacuum deposition processes span industries. Manufacturers use vapour deposition in solar cells, medical implants, LED displays, and other products. Manufacturers use one

Ion Beam Sputter Deposition
Ion Beam Sputtering: How Does It Work?

  Do you want to learn more about ion beam sputtering and the thin film deposition process? Ion beam deposition is necessary for dozens of

Anti Reflective Coating
Anti-Reflective Coating Explained

  If you’ve ever squinted reflexively after a bright sunbeam reflected off your windshield, you probably wished for a pair of sunglasses with an anti-reflective

Thin-Film Interference Explained

Light has a dual nature and can behave as a wave and a particle. In the 19th century, Thomas Young’s two-slit experiment showed that a

Thin Film Circuit Board
What Is a Thin-Film Circuit Board?

Thin-film technology is on the rise as a method to produce circuit boards that have higher performance and dynamic capability than their rigid or thick-film

dc sputtering
What Is DC Sputtering? An Overview

Sputtering is the mechanism used to deposit thin films of target material onto a substrate. This process involves ejecting gaseous ions into the source material,

Thin-Film Thermal Deposition Explained

Thermal Deposition is a common type of Physical Vapour Deposition for Thin Film manufacturing. Discover everything about it at Korvus Technology!