Korvus Technology

HEX Thin Film Deposition Sources

The HEX Series facilitates a range of deposition sources. These can be mixed and matched to the end-user’s discretion, as well as being switched between the HEX and HEX-L models. Robustly designed and easily maintained, Korvus Technology’s deposition sources are an ideal accompaniment to the HEX and HEX-L PVD Systems.


Designed for 2" diameter targets, the sputter sources are equipped with SmCo magnets and accept targets with thickness ranging from 0.5 to 6mm of non-magnetic materials and up to 1mm for magnetic materials.


The ORCA organic deposition source is designed to operate between 50 and 600 C to allow sensitive organic materials to be evaporated with precise control


Our high-accuracy (sub-monolayer) mini E-beam evaporators are ideal for ultra-thin film deposition with reliable process control. Material can be evaporated from rods or material held in a crucible.


The single thermal boat source allows for the integration of a range of thermal boats for the deposition of both metals and organics/polymers