Korvus Technology

Thin Film Deposition Sources

inner view of sputtering deposition system at work

Reliable Deposition Sources


Designed for 2" diameter targets, the sputter sources are equipped with SmCo magnets and accept targets with thickness ranging from 0.5 to 6mm of non-magnetic materials and up to 1mm for magnetic materials.


The ORCA organic deposition source is designed to operate between 50 and 600 C to allow sensitive organic materials to be evaporated with precise control


Our high-accuracy (sub-monolayer) mini E-beam evaporators are ideal for ultra-thin film deposition with reliable process control. Material can be evaporated from rods or material held in a crucible.


The single thermal boat source allows for the integration of a range of thermal boats for the deposition of both metals and organics/polymers

Instrument & System Options

The HEX series of thin film PVD systems has a wide range of deposition sources and instruments available including; single and four pocket e-beam evaporators, RF and DC magnetron sputtering sources (HiPims available), thermal evaporation sources, organic low temperature sources, in-situ measurement equipment and quartz crystal monitors.

The HEX platform also allows for various sample stage configurations including heating, rotating, cooling, temperature gradient and static options in both 100mm and 150mm sizes and also has a high vacuum load lock in the range.

Due to the systems flexibility and broad range of standard instrumentation, the HEX can provide the solution to a variety of coating and research applications, whilst maintaining a compact footprint and user friendly operation. The unique modular design also means that custom panels such as PLD and Spectroscopy interfaces can be created quickly and simply.

Please see the links below for more details regarding our DC & RF Sputtering, EBeam, Organic and Thermal sources and also thin film accessories such as in-situ measurement and integrated load locks, contact us for further information and data, or download our brochure here.