Korvus Technology

Glovebox Integration

Integrating your HEX or HEX-L into a glovebox is crucial when working with air-sensitive materials. The HEX Series’ unique modularity allows this to be done differently to conventional PVD systems.

HEX Series Glovebox Integration

Gloveboxes are inert environments, usually filled with argon, wherein air-sensitive materials can be stored and worked on. Researchers may wish to integrate their PVD chamber into a glovebox if they wish to work with organic substrates or volatile metals like lithium.

Conventional glovebox integration involves placing the PVD chamber directly inside a glovebox, which can take up a huge amount of room and present contamination risks. One of the primary benefits of the design of the HEX Series is that both systems (HEX and HEX-L) can instead be integrated into a glovebox through the floor. 

This minimises the space taken up inside the glovebox, as well as providing easy access to substrates. Additionally, the fact that the chamber panels of the HEX series sit below the glovebox means that any chamber cleaning can be carried out easily and without contaminating the glovebox.

This integration process does not need to be performed upon purchase of a HEX or HEX-L- the chamber can be integrated and/or removed from the glovebox at any point after purchase.

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