Automation Options

In keeping with the modular design of the HEX range, all of the models in the series of thin film deposition systems can be configured to your precise requirements, in addition to the physical geometry of the chamber and sources this also includes levels of manual or automatic control.

The automisation of the system can range from  simply adding automated shutters to improve the accuracy of the thickness measurement and rate control, to installing a fully automated deposition solution with custom designed software for the creation of full deposition runs at the press of a button.



Custom Software

The custom software supplied with the HEX range enables full recipe control and allows multiple users to create complex deposition runs in a matter of minutes. The functions available include;

  • Shutter operation
  • Gas flow control
  • Valve control
  • Custom programme creation for specific deposition runs
  • Thickness measurement and rate monitoring
  • Sample rotation
  • Logging
  • Load lock pump down and venting
  • Chamber pressure control
  • Pump control
  • Sample heating
  • Power control for all sputtering and thermal sources

Niobium with ORCA control

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