Korvus Technology

Sample Stages

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Sample Stage Options

Choosing the correct sample stage for a process is as important as choosing the correct deposition method. The features of the stage can affect the uniformity, the morphology and the resulting film composition.


The HEX base system is shipped with a static sample stage which can accommodate samples up to 4″ in diameter, with the larger HEX-L model capable of taking samples of up to 6″. Included with the stage are sample holders for 4″ or 6″ samples and for multiple smaller samples. All sample stages can be equipped with either a manual or a motor-driven shutter and feature a convenient set of mounting posts on the system to allow the stage to be securely mounted when replacing samples without needing to clear room on desks or workbenches.


The HEX range of deposition systems can also be equipped with a water-cooled sample stage, this reduces unwanted temperature-rise in sensitive samples such as during the coating stage in lift-off processes. The cooled stages can be either static or rotating to improve deposition uniformity.

Rotating & Heating

The stage may be upgraded to one which incorporates sample rotation and heating. The rotation (0, 2-20rpm as standard) improves the film uniformity dramatically and is recommended for samples with dimensions greater than 15mm and/or where good uniformity is important. The stage has options for heating to 300oC or 500oC which will result in improved film morphology for some materials.