Teaching & Training

Thin Film Training

The HEX series has been developed with student training in mind. Its modular construction allows various key elements to be exposed, discussed and interacted with, enabling student laboratories to fully explore the mechanical, material and growth elements of thin film research and nanomaterials.

Ease of Use

The HEX’s ability to be quickly reconfigured at low additional expense allows the system to provide simple thin film training on a reproducible and recognizable platform for various deposition/coating techniques ranging from sample preparation for surface analysis to thin film technology traininge-beam, sputtering, thermal, organics (for OLED research) and a range of other thin film deposition techniques.

All connectors/fixings on the system and the sources, including gas and water flow, are quick connects allowing for the elimination of most tools during system operation and sample/target changes.The system’s compact footprint and the option to have it either bench, rack or frame mounted make it an ideal size for any teaching environment and enables simple transfer to other laboratories/departments where necessary.

System Options

The systems in the HEX series can be configured for RF & DC Sputtering, HiPims, PLD, E-Beam, Organic, and Thermal Evaporation. The chambers can also be integrated into a glovebox for research in an inert atmosphere and can be equipped with various in-situ measurement interfaces and high vacuum load locks, ensuring an extensive range of training options both in thin film deposition and sample analysis.

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