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We can put a lot of different materials through the HEX, because it is a small system which we can take apart very easily to clean, and it is simple to maintain. This means we can make it available to all types of students and researchers.

Dr. Peter K. Petrov

Principal Scientist

Almost half of the usage of our deposition systems is made up of the HEX and HEX-L.

Dr. Bruno Rente

Facilities Manager


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We purchased a HEX system in 2020 and we are very pleased with it. It’s easy to operate, fast in achieving a vacuum suitable for deposition and requires little routine maintenance. The modular design and the 4-pocket TAU e-beam allows us to do multiple depositions without breaking vacuum, which streamlined our operation and
allowed us to obtain high-quality substrates. Korvustech customer and technical service has also been very helpful. I would definitely recommend the HEX system.

Au evaporation on freshly cleaved mica for STM. Price of commercial Au slides - £44/cm2, price to us £2/cm2. HEX paid itself back in 3 years of use.

Dr. Andrea Vezzoli

Principal Investigator

The Korvus HEX system was successfully used to deposit large-area nanometric films (100 nm-1μm thickness) of CsPbBr3 and CsPbCl3 on different substrates (amorphous, crystalline , semiconducting, metallic and polymeric). CsPbBr3 and CsPbCl3 are metal halide perovskites of extreme relevance for a large set of applications in optoelectronics, photonics and sensing. Structural, morphological, electrical and optical studies demonstrate the high film quality in terms of homogeneity and optical properties.

Professor Anna Vinattieri