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The HEX Series

Highly Modular PVD Systems

With their uniquely modular design, the HEX Series offer an unmatched level of user control, customisation and upgradability to researchers in thin-film deposition.


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Highly Modular PVD Systems

The HEX Series offer an unmatched level of user control and customisation, designed to incorporate the latest thin film technologies and performance into a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) system.

In contrast to conventional PVD chambers, the open-frame architecture of the HEX Series gives users the freedom to reconfigure, upgrade and add their own instruments. The modular nature of the HEX Series’ design mean that panels can be mounted onto the frame in a matter of minutes, with no specialist tools.

The HEX Series is compatible with a range of deposition sources, such as four pocket electron beam evaporation and sputtering, as well as sample holder types. No matter where your research takes you, the cost-effective HEX Series will be by your side.

The Transparent Oxide Deposition Process With the HEX Series

Deposition Sources


Magnetron Sputtering Source

Designed for 2″ diameter targets, the sputter sources are equipped with SmCo magnets and accept targets with thickness ranging from 0.5 to 6mm of non-magnetic materials and up to 1mm for magnetic materials. The most flexible source, the FISSION can be paired with DC, RF, HiPIMS, Pulsed-DC and more…



Low-Temperature Evaporation

OCRA image

The ORCA organic deposition source is designed to operate between 50 and 600 C to allow sensitive organic materials to be evaporated with precise control. This source can also be used to evaporate low-temperature metals such as Lithium, and pairs well with the glovebox integration of the HEX Series.


Electron-beam Evaporation

Our high-accuracy (sub-monolayer) mini E-beam evaporators are ideal for ultra-thin film deposition of high-temperature metals with reliable process control. Material can be evaporated from rods or material held in a crucible. Our novel design allows material to be co-deposited from four individual pockets.


Thermal Boat Evaporation

Korvus Thermal Evaporation System

The single thermal boat source allows for the integration of a range of thermal boats for the deposition of metals. An inexpensive, robust and effective source, the TES is ideal for those who want to thermally evaporate standard metals.

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