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The HEX Bench-Top Coating System

Looking for a Customisable Thin Film Coating Machine?

The process of depositing thin film coatings on substrate materials is made easy with the HEX coating system. This physical vapour deposition (PVD) system uses electricity and heat to coat the surface of a chosen material with a durable, anti-corrosive film.

The HEX machine has many development applications. For example, a manufacturer may use this coating system to produce consumer products, including solar cells, medical equipment, and semiconductors. The HEX system is also capable of preparing samples for research analysis.

The HEX coating system is highly flexible and user-friendly. The device features an 80 l/s pump with a capacity to hold 100 mm sample sizes. An operator can upgrade their HEX machine with an integrated syringe pump, nozzle, and a 150-mm multi-sample holder for small-volume production. This ultrasonic coating system consists of several other durable components, ensuring consistent results during every deposition process.

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Expand Your Range of Deposition Capabilities

HEX ultrasonic coating systems are lightweight and equipped with six modular aluminium panels, gas and liquid pump ports, and a full range of customisable nozzle features. Regardless of their chosen applications, users can quickly reconfigure and repair components on HEX systems without hassle.

TAU E-Beam Evaporation Source

TAU E-beam technology applies a concentrated, high-voltage electron burst to the target material, combined with a low-voltage tungsten filament to create evaporation. TAU E-Beam equipment regulates thermal energy, keeping the ultrasonic spray coating at a low temperature during production. These systems are practical when using materials with high melting points.

Fission DC and RF Sputtering Source

The bench-top HEX machine allows users to alternate between RF and DC sputtering without long latency. This ultrasonic coating fission system provides sputtering for hard metals, insulators, and magnetic materials.

Additionally, this equipment has an impulse magnetron ultrasonic spray capability (HiPIMS) that can process substrates with ions instead of neutral atoms.

ORCA Organic Evaporation Source

The organic evaporator is a small component that fits inside the chamber of the bench-top ultrasonic spray coating system. It utilises active cooling to balance the heating process and ensure stability.

ORCAs support a temperature range of 50-600 degrees Celsius and can operate in tandem with E-beam evaporation and thermal evaporation sources.

TES Thermal Evaporation Source

Thermal evaporation sources are ideal for the small-volume production of basic materials. Unlike other methods, this ultrasonic coating process does not rely on a gas nozzle and will perform well under high vacuum conditions. HEX systems can support thermal boat volumes of 1 cc to 5 ccs.

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Additional Sources For Our HEX Sputtering System

TAU E-Beam Evaporation System

ORCA Organic Evaporation System

TES Thermal Evaporation System

FAQs About The HEX Benchtop Coating System

Thin film deposition works by vaporising a target material in a vacuum with an ultrasonic spray coating and depositing it into a substrate. The earliest use of the sputtering technique dates back to the mid-1800s [4]. Bench-top HEX systems equipped with sputtering and evaporation sources make the process manageable, allowing developers and researchers to fill their quotas on time.

Learn more about thin film deposition.

The bench-top HEX machine supports four primary ultrasonic coating techniques: Sputtering, thermal evaporation, E-beam evaporation, and organic evaporation. An operator can use one or multiple techniques, depending on their chosen applications. The HEX robot system is also versatile, making it easy to switch out ultrasonic nozzles and other pump features.

An ultrasonic spray coating can protect pipes and car suspensions from rust. They also have the capability to increase the strength of robot components and cutting tools. Ultrasonic spray coatings can reinforce the functional layers of architectural materials, reducing utility costs in large office buildings. Learn about thin film applications.

The HEX system is compact and practical for mobile applications. It can support multiple ultrasonic nozzles and coating processes. Researchers and students can use this system to learn about spray pyrolysis, photoresist coatings, and more.

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